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5th December 2021

Reported by W. Bro K. Manohar

Charity Steward - Makepeace Lodge No. 3674 E.C.

The District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago (DGLEA) has administered through the Read Masonic Hall Board (RMHB) a worthy “Food Aid Program” with the distribution of 100 bundles of dry food/provisions to taxi drivers in the Port Klang area that were and still are impacted financially by the effects of the scourge of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The said distribution was made through the office of YB Charles Santiago, the Member of Parliment for Klang on the 5th of December 2021. DGLEA was represented by:

· W. Bro. Nirmal Singh - ADGM,

· W. Bro. Lakshamanan - Dist Grand Charity Steward

· W. Bro. Mahathir Mahzan - WM Makepeace Lodge

· Bro. Alvin Lum, Member of Negeri Sembilan Lodge

· W Bro K.Manohar - Charity Steward of Makepeace Lodge

Primarily supported by Lodges meeting out of the Read Masonic Centre, the following Lodges have generously contributed to kick start the program:

Sentosa Lodge No. 7661 E.C. - RM14,200

Makepeace Lodge No. – 3674 E.C. RM5,000

Other Lodges such as Read Lodge No. 2337 E.C. , Klang Lodge No. 3369 E.C. , Sri Damai Lodge No. 9768 E.C. have also pledged contributions and it is expected for more Lodges to join in the fray with contributions in 2022.

The Working Committee comprising of W Bro Nirmal Singh, W Bro Mahathir Mahzan, Bro Alvin Lum & W Bro K. Manohar, have also embarked to provide relief to communities affected by the floods. Towards this end, items like rice, vegetables and dry provisions were donated to the Gurdwara Sahib in Petaling Jaya who have spearheaded the food preparation activities for the flood victims. Proposals are still being discussed to provide further aid to these adversely affected communities. . The Committee thanks all those Lodges for their generous contributions and pledges and asks each and every Mason to spread the word within our Masonic fraternity so are to garner greater support to assist DGLEA in this their laudable charitable endeavours. You may do this by contacting:

W Bro K.Manohar - HP No: 012 3161732/Email:


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