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Embracing Generosity - The Red Cross of Constantine Malaysia Conclave No. 476's Easter Charity Celebration

24th March 2024 Read Masonic Centre, Kuala Lumpur

By: Most Puissant Sovereign, Russell Stuart

Easter is a celebration of Charity, a hymn of Love, a triumph of Hope!

On March 24, 2024, Malaysia Conclave No. 476 hosted its Second Annual Children’s Charity Lunch and Easter Egg Hunt, a day filled with joyous festivities that marked Palm Sunday. The Conclave, renowned for its progressive values and dedication to Easter awareness, orchestrated this event to bring smiles and happiness to the less fortunate.

The event kicked off with a brief Easter Commemorative Service at the Main Temple of the Read Masonic Hall in Kuala Lumpur. Attendees then indulged in a delightful Buffet Lunch, featuring a delectable Chocolate Fountain donated by H & N caterers and 15 extra-large pizzas from Fellini’s Restaurant (owned by Bro Tony Anastasia). Stanley the Clown entertained guests with lively singing and dancing.

The highlight of the day was the Easter Egg Hunt, where children and seniors alike eagerly searched for hidden Egg tokens scattered around the premises. Tokens were exchanged for Easter eggs and gifts at the charming "Bunny Shop." It was heartwarming to see seniors participating with the same enthusiasm as children, adding a delightful twist to the festivities.

The event warmly welcomed 37 Orphans, 40 Seniors from various homes in the Klang Valley, and the Trinity Home for Children. With 60 Brethren and their families in attendance, the gathering of 137 guests was a true testament to the spirit of community. Free Ice Cream added to the joy, and the day concluded with Charity cheques totalling RM 6000 (£1,000) presented to the two homes by Most Puissant Sovereign, Russell Stuart.

This inclusive and joyful day showcased the Conclave's commitment to bringing people together in a spirit of giving and celebration. Looking ahead, the Committee of Malaysia Conclave No. 476 plans to broaden the scope of the Easter Charity Function, welcoming both children and the elderly to share in the happiness of the season.

Special thanks were extended to the District Grand Lodge Eastern Archipelagos, Lodges from the three Constitutions of England, Scottish and Ireland, and from Progressive Orders for their support in making this Palm Sunday and Easter 2024 a memorable occasion for the less advantaged in the community.

One of the first lessons in Freemasonry is, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," [- Acts 20:35] which encapsulates the true spirit of this heartwarming event.

May the Lord bless you on this auspicious day of Easter, and may it be a new beginning of greater prosperity, success and happiness!

The Organising Committee


Lawrance Annies, Russell Stuart, David Oakley , Parul Subramaniam


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