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2021 EHL Non Masonic Charity Project

1.0 During this FMCO period, many charity outlets are experiencing financial difficulties owing to reduction in donation from the general public. We have contributed to the following five (5) Non Masonic Charities.

1.1 RM 6,500 to AiYiDe Old Folks Home. AiYiDe Old Folks Home, located at 14, Jalan 11/9, Seksyen 11, 46200 Petaling Jaya, was founded in 2018 as a non-governmental and non-profit nursing home, which mainly adopts the disadvantaged group of old people that have been forgotten by the society. It now accommodates 15 abandoned old folks with difficulties or no dependence and the number is still increasing. Most elders cannot move well; some need to undergo treatment / therapy frequently. Besides taking care of them, the center also arranges transport to send them to the hospital nearby. At present the center needs RM 30,000 as monthly expenses to cover meals, medical cares, utilities, transportation etc. It depends on donations and help from the benevolent public and organizations.

1.2 RM 6,500 to Persatuan Kebajikan Chen Ai OKU. Persatuan Kebajikan Chen Ai OKU, located at 7, Jalan SS 7/26, SS 7, 47301 Petaling Jaya was established in 2020 as a not-forprofit charity organization in Malaysia. The centre aims to provide meaningful long-term and substantive help to the underprivileged disabled group that often marginalized by the society. They suffer from various degree of physical / mental disabilities, including Down's, autism, meningitis, paralysis, dementia, learning disorder, hypoplasia etc. At present the centre accommodates 23 members from 5 to 77 years old with a monthly expenses of RM 25,000.

1.3 RM 6,500 to Making Orang Asli Mothers Independent (MOAMI) for distribution of food to the Orang Asli Community in Dengkil. Edward Holiday Lodge had contributed RM 14,000 to this same organization, MOAMI, in 2020.

1.4 RM 5,000 (donations from contacts of WM) to Nanak Community Kitchen for its distribution of food to the poor and homeless in Kuala Lumpur. Nanak Community Kitchen is a growing voluntary non-profit organization led by Mr. Deep Singh who strives to feed the needy in the city centre streets.

Mr. Deep Singh and his team of volunteers have been feeding the needy and homeless people on a weekly basis for the past 17 years without a pause.

In 2020, Edward Holiday Lodge had contributed RM 20,000 for this same charity cause.

2.0 RM 9,100 to JWYE IT Tablets Project. In response to the charity program initiated by the JWYE Foundation IT Tablets Project to provide Huawei tablets to be distributed to various orphanages, brethren of Edward Holiday Lodge contributed RM 9,100 to purchase 13 tablets for this charity drive.

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