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Raises Over RM Twenty Thousand Ringgit

Face masks, a washing machine and dryer, personal protective equipment, even meals. Whatever it took to relieve their distress.

DATE: March 2020


Soon after the Government announced the Movement Control Order we learned that Brother Paran was on the frontline conducting testing in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. He alerted us that there were some essential items that were desperately needed.

Without the skills to assist him in a medical capacity and at the same time wanting to help wherever we could, towards this noble endeavour, the Brethren of Kinta rallied together and managed to raise over Twenty Thousand Ringgit.We even had contributions from 2 non-members. The funds collected were earmarked to be utilised solely towards the Ipoh Community’s fight against Covid-19. On the ground we learned that a washing machine and dryer were required by a Government Clinic in Pasir Pinji which was purchased from our funds.

In addition, it became apparent that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the Form of Scrub Suits and meals for Medical Staff were required and was provided through the generosity of Kinta Lodge Brethren.

Masks were also procured for the more vulnerable Community, especially the Orang Asli.

All our activities were well documented in the attached photographs.

Our own Brother Dr. Paran and his team of Doctors and Nurses are at the front-line conducting testing of suspected Covid-19 carriers. We salute their dedication.

From all the Brethren of Kinta Lodge:

“The fight against Covid-19 is not over. We urge all to strictly follow the Government Guidelines, Maintain Social Distancing, Wear Masks, Wash Hands Frequently and to Stay Safe and Stay at Home” The District Board of Benevolence has agreed to contribute RM6,000 through the efforts of our very own Almoner Bro Tan Moh Kim, WB Vishar Kumar and WB Kenneth Khoo of the District Board Benevolence. These funds once received will be put to good use as the plea for assistance remains.

Greentown Clinic & Kinta Health Dept Front-Liners

Scrub Suits

Suits being distributed

Nurses and doctors in suits

Pharmacists in suits

Suits for Pinji Staff

2. Meals For front liners for about 12 days

Front liners in full PPE donated by Kinta Brethren

3. Equipment for Pinji Clinic Staff

Tent for front liners, washing and dryer

Tent was used by the clinic staff for screening for Covid-19 outside clinic

4. Masks for Orang Asli distributed by welfare Officer

Various Orang Asli folks and Tok Batin (head of village) around Simpang Pulai, Pos Slim , Tronoh and TgTualang being given masks by our Orang Asli Mobile Team and welfare officers for protection and to enable them to travel to get food and necessities.

It was indeed a joy for us to contribute in our own small way. We thank our Bro. Paran for giving us this opportunity to assist in this worthy cause.

Finally, thank you Brethren of Kinta for your contributions.

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