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“Flood Relief Thailand 2019”

Light of Siam No: 9791 E.C. Phuket, Thailand, 22nd October 2019

During September 2019 the North – North East of Thailand was hit by Tropical Storm; Podul bringing tremendous rainfall , high winds with flash flooding and deadly landslides.

Tropical Storm Podul effected some 147 Provinces – 3,842 Villages – 439 Schools – 57 Health Facilities. Approximately 160,000 Households and Families have been Displaced due to the Flooding that has ravaged the affected areas, with 38 recorded Deaths and covering an area of some 240,500 hectares, destroying Farms – Crops – Livestock with roads damaged or submerged with Flood levels at 3.5 meters.

Light of Siam Lodge Brethren Quick to Assist

On the 28th September 2019 the Light of Siam held a committee meeting and it was decided to raise funds towards the Flood Relief Thailand with Brother Secretary acting as coordinator, The committee meeting was followed be a Square and Compass Lunch where the Brethren held an Auction which raised 13,300 baht, a good start but more was need and in a hurry. Brother Secretary stated that any donations would be gratefully received. During the following days with Donations and Pledges a further 75,000 baht was gathered totaling 88,300 baht.

Getting Our District Board of Benevolence Involved

Brother Secretary wrote to the District Grand Lodge of Eastern Archipelago Board of Benevolence for help and assistance towards this very worthy project which is so close to our hearts as Expats riding here in the Country we Live and Love.

To the credit of our The District Board of Benevolence, they promptly responded with a generous donation of 50,000 baht, taking the grand total to 138,300 baht towards “Thailand Flood Relief 2019”.

Now How to Disperse the Money

The decision was made to send all funds raised to UNICEF which is a registered charitable Organization No: 315 in the Ministry of Finances office list. Thus on the 22nd of October 2019 all the funds raised was duly passed onto UNICEF date: 22nd October 2019.

UNICEF are focusing on assistance and support to over 19,000 Children. Their immediate concerns are particularly related to Nutrition – Hygiene and Sanitation as well as Mosquito infection: Dengue – Malaria.

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