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WB CT Annathurai

Eulogy delivered in Sentosa Lodge on 20th Nov 2018.

Bro Chellapah Thuraiappah Annathurai was born 10.08.1949. He had his early and primary education in Brickfields and his secondary schooling at the Victoria Institution. He went on to finish his Economics Degree at the University of Malaya and subsequently his law degree in London. A member of the Malaysian Bar, he was in legal practice for many years. Always very approachable, he was well respected by his peers in the legal profession and held in high esteem. Many looked up to him and it was not because he stood 6ft 3inches. On a personal note and taking advantage of our fraternal bonds many years ago, I requested, and he readily and happily agreed, to move my call to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor.

He was socially very active and held several honorary positions in various organizations. He was the President of the Royal Lake Club for the term 2002-2003 and was a founder member of the MCEF.

Bro Annathurai was initiated into Sentosa Lodge on 20th September 1978 (exactly 40 years and 2 months ago) and went on to take the Chair of King Solomon in 18th August 1990. He was conferred the rank of PDSGW in the DGLEA. He was Exalted as a member of Klang Chapter on 24th August 1989 and was installed as its First Principal on 17th Feb. 2000. He was also a Founder member of Sentosa Chapter which was consecrated in June 2007. He held the rank of PDDC in the DGCEA.

Our Bro CT as he was popularly known developed Parkinson’s a few years ago and this condition greatly contributed to his declining overall health in the recent years. He passed away on 4th Nov 2018 leaving behind his good lady Shiamala and a brother.

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