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Located in the heart of the CBD, The Masons Table serves modern European food, coupled with an extensive wine list.

Housed in the historic Masonic Hall, the intimate and classic design lends itself perfectly for both business and casual lunches.​

The set lunch options are changed weekly to allow The Mason Table to serve you the freshest ingredients, and offer you a varied experience.

For vegetarian and other dietary preferences and needs, the culinary team will always create something for you.

Served 11:30am - 02:30pm, Monday to Friday

Please Click Here to View the Masonic Club’s “The Masons Table”

One Man’s Review

By John, of www.expatchoice.asiaohn Gordon

It is a pleasure to be introduced to a new restaurant in Singapore that has an edge. The Masons Table is a bright and airy room that caters for an intimate table for two right through to an entire event taking over the nearly 150-seater restaurant. There is a private room attached with a fully equipped bar so perfect also for a private function of product launch, wedding reception etc The beauty here is the space is divided into areas so if an event is in one area of the restaurant and you are dining in another area of the restaurant, you are not impacted by the chatter of a larger group.

The tables are set with white linen and the service is humbly authentic. The wait staff take their role with pride offering suggestions and caring for the table as the meal progresses. As a guest of the owners, I can only say what I feel is of most importance. This is unpretentious dining. This is affordable dining, and this is a new take on club dining, although you need not be a "Mason" to dine here. The location is prominent on Coleman Street located behind the Historic Fire Station which sits on Hall Street. Stand out menu items on my visit included the Smoked Salmon - it is prepared in a Balik Style which is a combination of a Sous-vide - a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and cooked in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times which gives it a tender consistency. This is then followed by a light blow-torching to give it the smoky flavor which is just divine. Then this Salmon is placed on a bed of poached egg, asparagus and a rich Hollandaise sauce, which is best to just mix it all up and dip your Salmon into the juices and enjoy the mouth-watering experience. Another standout was the Duck Leg Confit. The skin ever so crisp and the meat just fell off the bone - although on this occasion the meat was moving towards a little dry although it was not quite dry to disapprove... I do like the juices of my duck even when it it Confit. Maybe a light pool of sauce to dip the Salmon taste sensations into to add that level of moisture to the dish would do the trick... Leave room for the desserts, because there is nothing better than a cleanser to freshen up the palate. I LOVED the steamed Vanilla Pudding. This delight was served with a delicious Vanilla ice-cream with a Caramel sauce.... just perfect along with a long black and that was my envious lunch for this Friday to end the week on a high note.

This new offering The Masons Table...has legs and let’s hope that is walks into the history books of the long-lasting stayers that we love to support here in Singapore. Excellent value set lunches are available and bookings are advised. They have a huge network of dedicated followers, why not join in and become a regular... I know I certainly will. Congratulations team...excellent execution

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