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Lodge Kedah, Enhancing the reputation of Freemasonry

The Brethren of Lodge Kedah swiftly went into action to assist in relief efforts within their community. when on November 5th , 2017 flash floods hit the low lying area at Seberang Jaya, Kedah with the river banks busting it banks causing the low cost homes surrounding area to be rapidly engulfed by the flood waters. The residents of that community were at the mercy of the elements and required aid and immediately.

The Worshipful Master, W Bro Dato' Dr. Suresh Chopra and the Brethren of Lodge Kedah reached out to provide much needed relief to the distressed community. This included liaising with our own District Board of Benevolence (DBB) who also responded quickly to disperse RM 10,000 to assist them in their humanitarian efforts. The brethren of lodge Kedah so too rose to the occasion and among them contributed Rm 6900

Led by Bro Sham Sunder Ratnani , W.Bro Gurnam Singh, Bro Dhiraj Sham Sunder and Manjit Kaur ( Mrs Gurnam ) The Lodge Kedah brethren went directly to the community at the grass roots level and distributed such basic necessities such as:

  • 200 sets of hampers consisting of Milo, Milk , Mineral water and sardine cans to the needy residents Seberang Jaya area

In the area behind Min Terk School, Batu Dua Sungai Petani the Brethren dispersed:

  • 20 sets of Sponge Mattresses, Pillows and Blankets

  • Cash “Ang Pow” of Rm 50/ each to 30 persons who were not given the mattresses, pillows and blankets due to shortage of supply in the area

  • 10 cooking stoves

Persatuan Kebajikan Gurunatha Aashram, Taman Kuala Muda, which is the home to some 70 plus orphans, was inundated by flood waters and all groceries and food essentials were destroyed. Lodge Kedah provided much needed emergency supply in the form of food, groceries, milk and other essentials to the orphanage.

The program carried on for 8 days. A fellow Mason, Brother Sham Sunder, supported their efforts by providing necessary workmen and a lorry to transport the goods as well as to help out in the distribution of the goods and cleaning of the premises of those affected by the floods.

Although in no way asking for it the Kedah Brethren deserve a big hand for their wonderful efforts.

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