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12th June 2022

Taken from an article by W.Bro. D.F.G.Kalverla

Visiting a distinguished well known brother, I noticed on his wall in his study the saying; " If you are a leader, lead. If you are a follower, follow. If you are none of both, get the hell out of my way. "

It sounds kind of abrupt ,doesn't it?. But isn't it where we as Masons have to focus our minds and deeds? We are aware that we cannot all be leaders, neither all followers. But if we want to become what we profess to be, we have to become either one. To lead is carrying the burden of all, to follow is to participate in carrying part of the burden of the leader. When we don't do either we cruise under a false flag. We carry the flag in which we do not believe with our soul and the whole of our being.

Masonry is not a privilege alone, it is a way of life which only can be lived to its fullest responsibility. It is necessary to seek out more members, but to reinforce our own individual strength. In the multitude of members and administrative rulings we drown our individual most sublime strength. We the individual have the privilege to develop ourselves on a personal basis to become better. Better in our private professions and together better in seeking of the true light of masonry.

For those who have more surge in them, try to read 10 minutes a day in the work. Try to comprehend what is written, memorize a charge or part of the work for your own upgrading, in your own private surge for the light, to better yourself. And let the Master know, you know and can teach that part for that degree.

Enjoy the feeling to declare yourself to the entered apprentice or fellow. Speak your part loud and clear, so everyone can enjoy your performance. Bring out your view of what you understand it to be, with the meaning you understand it to exist of. We aren't the same, therefore we do not read the same meaning out of an individual part.

But just that will enrich others to be able to hear your view. And all of them enjoy to enrich themselves with your view, which they never before have seen. They heard the same words thousands of times but your intonation and therefore your meaning was never viewed to them because it is your way and your soul which speaks. Grow up and show them that you are able to follow at least as well as everyone else. That is our privilege to pass and our responsibility to do so with a deep glow of knowledge of the eternal beauty of Masonic truth.

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