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Launch of Free Tuition Centre - Kg. Muhibbah - A Joint Venture between Tara Foundation & JWYE Foundation by YM Tunku Dato Yaacob Khyra - 3rd March 2024

Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation (JWYE) has successfully collaborated with

to open a free tuition centre in Kg Muhibbah which happens to be a stone's throw away from the Read Masonic Centre in Bukit OUG.


The TARA Foundation – "Transforming Lives, Starting Young"

TARA, meaning "Star," has been a non-governmental organization. Like its name, it shines a bright future in uplifting the lives of underprivileged children and families.


The residents in KG Muhibbah, especially those housed in the PPR flats, are generally from the B40 segment. Hence, the free tuition centre in their neighborhood, located at 4-2, Jalan 7/155, Bukit Jalil Integrated Park, will serve the needs of some 130 school-going kids from this neighborhood.


Established in 2002, the TARA Foundation, helmed by Dato Pardip Kumar Kukreja, currently operates 27 centres nationwide. This collaboration will see the day-to-day operations administered by the TARA  Foundation, with JWYE Foundation providing the much-needed financial assistance of up to RM7,000 per month to sustain the centre.


In collaborating with the TARA Foundation, the Board of Trustees of JWYE Foundation is positive that the foundation's objectives will be further enhanced to target the hardcore poor and needy students. The Board will continue to explore this avenue and hopes that more centres will be established in the near future. Towards this end, The Board has allocated adequate funds to set up these centres subject to fulfillment of specific criteria.


While many of our Lodges support the activities of the JWYE Foundation financially, the Board would also like to encourage the Masonic community to come forward and volunteer some time to help nurture these young kids and steer them on a path to self-sustainability.



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