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Hand to Hand Foundation Charity PattayaTrident Lodge

Trident Lodge 9891 EC

7th July 2021


Trident Lodge 9891EC were happy to provide support to the Hand to Hand Christian Charitable Foundation located in Pattaya Thailand. With the support of the District Board of Benevolence Covid One Time Outright Grant of RM1,667 (12,986THB) and with donations from the Lodge and individual Brethren this amounted to a total 22,500THB for foodstuffs and other essentials items to provide much needed support to several of Pattaya’s poorest community, via the Hand to Hand Foundation on Friday 18th June 2021.

After the Trident Lodges successful petition to District for funds to support the work of the Hand to Hand Foundations charitable work in Pattaya, along with a donation from the Lodge itself, together with personal donations from Brethren of Trident and other Lodges, arrangements were made to liaise with the Foundation and purchase and distribute foodstuffs and other essential items to the poor and needy in Pattaya, the locale of the Lodge. Several Brethren have supported this charity previously and know the administrators through their previous charitable endeavors.

Hand to Hand is a predominantly a Christian Charitable Foundation located in Pattaya Thailand that helps poor people in the area’s slums with food donations so they can eat and survive. This is only one small facet of their charitable operations, and more information can be found on their website here:

On Saturday 12th June 2021 members of the Lodge, together with members of the Hand to Hand Foundation, made the intrepid journey, COVID masks donned, and with the required funds to Makro Cash and Carry in Pattaya to purchase foodstuff and other essentials for the charity to distribute to the community the following week. In attendance were Worshipful Master W Bro Kelvin Grove, Bro Paul Angus (Almoner), W Bro Peter Morris (Charity Steward) Bro Ren Lexander (Hand to Hand Liaison) and his partner Rose, from Trident Lodge along with Julie and Tai from Hand to Hand. The Worshipful Master deliberately kept to a small group of Brethren due to the escalation of Covid in Pattaya.

The following Friday, rice, cooked meals and treats for the children were dispensed by the Worshipful Master W Bro Kelvin Grove, Bro Paul Angus, W Bro Peter Morris, Bro Ren Lexander, and his partner Rose.

A total of 146 bags of plain Jasmine Thai rice were distributed, as well as noodle soups cooked by the Foundation’s excellent Thai chefs.

Things are still difficult in Pattaya, COVID is restricting the ability for locals to find work due to the lack of tourists. The recent spike in Covid is causing even more Hardship. Hand to Hand will continue to support those in need in the Pattaya area. Hand to Hand relies also on volunteers and I know that Brethren from the Lodge will continue to offer their support.


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