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Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF) Donates SGD2000,000 to Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

By Chairman of MCF

Singapore, April 22, 2021

Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) received a donation of SGD200,000 from the Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF) to establish two SGD100,000 study grants funds – the MCF-Baey Lian Peck Study Grants Fund and MCF-R. Rawlings Horsburgh Lodge Study Grants Fund.

WBro Robin Rawlings senior Past Master of Horsburgh Lodge signing the check

The MCF co funded equally the two Study Funds or Endowments with Horsburg Lodge and the Baey Lian Peck Family respectively

The Government matches the donations 1.5 times raising the total amount to SGD500,000.

The two endowments follow the 1st endowment of $500, 000( $200K from MCF plus $300K matched by the Government ) established by MCF last December for the Singapore Institute of Technology

The investment income generated from the SUSS permanent endowment of SGD500, 000 will lead to annual bursaries of SGD 1,000 each to 10 full-time undergraduates and SGD500 each to 10 part-time undergraduates in perpetuity.

Prof Cheong 4Hee Kiat , President of SUSS , Dr Brian Shegar and other dignitaries at the launch

Proud Moment for Horsburgh Lodge and Their Most Senior Member W Bro Robin Rawlings

The study grants target to empower and support financially disadvantaged full- and part-time students pursuing an undergraduate education at SUSS. MCF established the two funds jointly with the family of the late Dr Baey Lian Peck, a senior Freemason and a public service stalwart who chaired various statutory boards; and Horsburgh Lodge operating in Singapore since 1957.

To mark the establishment of these study grants funds, SUSS inked Gift Agreements with MCF, the Baey family, and Horsburgh Lodge. It was signed by Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SUSS; Dr Brian Shegar, Chairman of MCF; Mr Henry Baey, son of the late Baey Lian Peck; and Mr Robin Rawlings, Representative of Horsburgh Lodge.

Professor Cheong, who received the cheques on behalf of SUSS, said, “SUSS believes that education is an important social leveler, and should be made appropriately available to everyone regardless of their age, qualification, or financial background. MCF’s donation will enable more students who require financial assistance to have access to quality education and realize their full potential to build a better future. We hope this will create a positive ripple effect when they graduate and give back to the community in future.”

Dr Shegar said, “Freemasonry was introduced to Singapore in 1845. Sir Stamford Raffles was himself a Freemason. Charity is a cornerstone of Freemasonry and actively practiced by Masonic lodges. The MCF was established in 2019 as an educational charity to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged students studying in local universities, polytechnics, colleges of fine arts and ITE. We are delighted to establish the two Funds to assist students enrolled with SUSS.”

Mrs Daisy Baey wife of late VWBro Dr Baey Lian Peck signing the check

WBro Henry Baey speaking at the launch


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