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by W Bro. Ralph Waldman, Secretary PDistGPurs.

June 2021

The Light of Siam Lodge No. 9791 works with local charity and the District Board of Benevolence to assist their community in the Covid-19 Pandemic

The District Board of Benevolence very kindly offered a COVID Grant

The Light of Siam Charity sub-Committee on learning of a call for assistance by the non-Masonic “One Phuket” charity organization, to provide “Life Food Bags” for those suffering

from the extended COVID-19 Pandemic, initiated a charity project.

To achieve this, W Brothers Ralph Waldman & David Dobson of LOS met with the founders of the charity “One Phuket”, Mrs. Andrea Edwards & Mrs. Samantha Gayfer. It proved to be a positive meeting which led to them to proposing support and donation, in the form of “life food bags” to the poor in Phuket.

“Life Food Bags” are designed to feed a family of 4 for up to 5 days. Each bag costs 150 Thai Baht (RM20). Over the past 17 months “One Phuket” had donated over 200,000 life bags to needy people.

The plan was for “One Phuket” to distribute (62) life bags, to help sixty two (62) families totaling nearly 250 persons.

Once it was agreed to support this worthy cause Bro Graham Dewe (Almoner) & WM Arthur Littler submitted a Petition for Assistance (Non Masonic), through the District Board of Benevolence representative W Bro. Russell Stuart.

The grant was generously approved by the DBB. The LOS Worshipful Master, W Bro Arthur Littler pledged that the Lodge would do its part and match the donation given by DBB with a further donation of 5,000 Thai baht, which was received by Mrs. Phitcha St (Nui) good Lady Wife of Bro Helmut Schweinberger.

A Grand Total to 30,000 Thai baht was presented on the 9th of June 2021.

With this money “One Phuket” would supply some 200 life Bags, which would feed about a 1,000 people.

LOS further reports that things are still tough in Phuket and the Pandemic like elsewhere is seriously restricting the ability for Thai people to find work. We find the Thai both a humble and proud people. The latest “Wave” of COVID is causing even more hardship and devastation. The charity organization “One Phuket” is even more motivated to help further. They are now reaching out to the surrounding Islands with the help and support from “5 Star Marine Phuket” using a total of 4 boats from their fleet. The continued efforts of the “One Phuket” Team continues to amaze and inspire all of us in our charity efforts.

The “One Phuket” Team is a large organization that consists of some 500 members and volunteers sharing the mammoth workload of logistics, transportation, collections, packing, delivering and finally distribution. The administration of this is provided by three nominated account holders, as to open a formal account would take up to 5 months in Thailand and currently, time is of the essence. Monthly Account statements will be shared with the Group to ensure the utmost of transparency.

Finally the Light of Siam Lodge continues to assist/support “One Phuket” in their worthy charity projects.

After all Thailand is the Country we Love & Live in & Phuket holds a very Special place in our Hearts.


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