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Ceremony of Remembrance

Dewan Freemason, Seremban

The Brethren of Negri Sembilan Lodge No. 9572 E.C. and Joseph Eu Lodge No. 3552 E.C. came together in solidarity and in sorrow to hold a Masonic “Ceremony of Remembrance” in honor of Worshipful Brother Dato’ Dr. Ramachandra Nadarajan and Worshipful Brother Dato’ Dr. .Raveendra Kumar Saravanan who were recently called to the Grand Lodge above on the 27th day of June and 28th day of August, 2017 respectively.

W Brother Dato’ Dr. Raveendra Kumar Saravanan was a member of both Joseph Eu Lodge and Negri Sembilan Lodge, while WB Dato’ Dr. Ramachandra Nadarajan was a member of Negri Sembilan Lodge.

The Worshipful Masters and the Brethren of the two Lodges still feeling the pain and grief of the loss of their beloved Brothers, tried hard to make sense of it all. They felt a spitirtual need to gather together in Lodge so as to put into perspective everything that these two Brethren had stood for and contributed to their Lodge, the District of Eastern Archipelago as well the communities where they lived worked, and as dedicated Rotarians and Freemasons contributed so much to during their time with us.

We know as men and as Masons that on this Earth, it is enevitable that we will face the sorrow of the passing of a loved one. We know too that these moments can seem almost unbearable without the love, solace, and aid of a strong support group to lean on during these trying times. With this in mind our Right Worshipful Brother (RWB) Dato’ Jeyaraj Ratnaswamy, the District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago whose Mother Lodge is Negri Sembilan assembled and led a team of Brethren to conduct a Masonic “Ceremony of Remembrance”. The Ceremony well received by all who attended which included family members of both of the departed, the Brethren of both lodges and the many others who knew W Brother Dato’ Dr. Raveendra Kumar Saravanan and WB Dato’ Dr.Ramachandra Nadarajan.

The ceremony was at once solemn, dignified and moving. It begun with the Opening Procession of Brethren in full regalia and white gloves to the sounds of the Bugler playing the “Last Post “ giving it all a beautiful effect. After a warm welcoming address and introductions by our RW Bro Dato Jeyaraj Ratnaswamy, the opening hymn was sung, followed by the Prayers, Dedications as well as a splendid recital by the Chaplin. Heartfelt Eulogies and Tributes were delivered led by Ms. Hemalata Ramachandra, Justice Datuk Mahadev Shankar and RW Bro Dato’ Jeyaraj for the family of the late Dato’ Ramachandra and Bro Ananda S P for the family of Dato’ Dr. Raveendra Kumar.

The Ceremony ended with a closing prayer and a presentation to the two families followed by a retiring procession accompanied by the haunting sounds of the Bagpipers playing the hymn, “Amazing Grace”. It was definitely a most meaningful ceremony to the families and close friends.

Finally, brethren, farewell.

Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.


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