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Report on the Star of the East Preceptory’s Knights Templar Tribute to Christmas & Children’s Ch

Star of the East Preceptory has been holding an annual Christmas celebrations since December 2001 when a procession and service was held at the Armenian Church across the road from Freemasons Hall.

The most recent celebration was held on Saturday, 14th December 2019 when Star of the East Preceptory & Priory No. 277 held its annual Tribute to Christmas & Children’s Christmas Party in the Main Temple of Freemasons’ Hall Singapore.

The Carol Service was attended by over 200 Masons, their families, friends and members of the public as well as 22 Brother Knights in full regalia. The service started with the entry of Brother Knights who formed an Arch of Steel to receive Rt.Em.Kt. Brian Shegar, Rt.Em.Kt. John Wilson and Rev. Tom Anderson.

Rev. Tom Anderson led the 70 minute service which included a wonderful children’s sermon, several scripture readings, lots of caroling, and a collection for the Eye Hospital of Jerusalem & Palestine and Gaza which raised $995.

Special thanks go to all those who participated in making the Carol Service a success including soloist W.Bro. Brent Allcock, organist Em.Kt. Ronald Ng, Rt.Em.Kt. Brian Shegar and our guests The Regina Coeli Choir from the Church of St. Vincent de Paul and the energetic UTA.holic choir from The Japanese Association of Singapore.

Following the Carol Service, a Children’s Christmas Party was held in the multipurpose hall. A large buffet prepared by The Masons’ Table was laid out for 70 children and over 120 adults. Santa Claus made an appearance and gave presents to all the children on hand. Due to the generosity of a friend of a brother, $7,000 worth of presents and gift vouchers were given out to the children. UTA.holic from the Japan Association impromptu led those present in more caroling. This annual event was indeed a happy occasion, enjoyed by all.

Our thanks to the Masonic Hall Board Singapore for their support in letting us use nearly every room of Freemason’s Hall, to The Masons’ Table and The Masonic Club for their generous support and more especially to all Brother Knights of Star of the East Preceptory for their personal involvement and financial support which enabled us to run a surplus of $7,500 which the Preceptory can use for future charitable events and activities.

A special thanks to the organizing team of Bro. Kts. Tony Compagnino, Isaac Tcachman and Robbie Hoyes-Cock who worked tirelessly in the organization, catering and securing of sponsorship for this our annual flagship event.

The Christmas Party Event

The Knights welcomed all guests as they entered the Main Temple of Freemasons’ Hall to and ensured all guests were seated before the entry of the Brother Knights to start the service.

Church service by Rev. Tom Anderson with the children.

Em.Kt. David Lee with a scripture reading and Rt.Em.Kt. Brian Shegar sharing his thoughts about Christmas.

The energetic UTA.holic choir from The Japanese Association of Singapore entertaining the crowd and children

The Regina Coeli Choir from the Church of St. Vincent de Paul

Dining Hall events with Santa Claus giving gifts and vouchers to the children sponsored by the Knights.

There was an abundance of food and beverages at the dining hall where children and guests enjoyed a variety of food and beverages prepared for the event.

The energetic UTA.holic choir from The Japanese Association continued to entertaining the crowd during the dining event with their music keeping the Christmas spirit running high.

A Very Merry Christmas

Bro. Kt. Mark Langhammer

Organising Chairman

Knights Templar Tribute to Christmas 2019

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