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My Prayer

When Labour is done for the love of pure Labour,

The Labour is sweet to enjoy and to savour.

When Labour is done for the want of Reward,

The Labour is weighty, the bane of one's Lot.

O Lord let my work be done not for favour,

But love of the Craft, should bring forth that Labour,

My work, may it be, like that awesome Keystone,

Though spurned at first sight, but was later enthroned.

Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth vibrate

In our minds and souls, and thus liberate

Us from our baser selves to a higher plane,

Where the Great Architect does forever reign.

Editor's Note

On behalf of all the Brethren of the Ashlar newsletter I would like to thank W. Bro Ronald Ng, PM The Lodge of St. George No. 1152 E.C., PM Lodge St. Michael No. 2933 E.C. PM Lodge Mt. Faber No. 1825 S.C for submitting this wonderful poem that he wrote in the year 2008 and modified in 2016.

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