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Grandpa's Wooden Chest

I hated to hear the lawyer say The things my grandpa gave away. Like his old truck to Dad and Mom And world war medals to Uncle John My name was called And something was said About an old wooden box Underneath his bed. Just a worn out chest With a rusty hinge But I knew Grandpa kept Something special within. When I opened the lid All I could see Were some unused tools And a letter to me. A large fancy cloth With two long strings A small wooden hammer Among other things He wrote a man's job Is to be a good husband father and a friend. I built my life as best I could By the tools laid here within. He said the compasses remind me that life has boundaries So live your life within The square proves true and so should you When dealing with all your friends. Be an honorable man and walk uprightly According to the plumb. The level teaches us treat all men equal Instead of only some. And now it's your turn To start your journey for knowledge, love and faith So live your life by the Square and Compasses And tools of your trade Many years have passed by since I first opened Grandpa's wooden chest The tools he gave me, the words he wrote The challenge to be my best. Today I'll visit Grandpa At the place where he was laid To let him know he can be proud I'm a Master of my trade.

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