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For those who do not know me I am Dr. Anandan and I hail from W. Bro Tong Yew Sum’s Mother Lodge – LODGE ELLIOT No. 3557 E.C. of Malacca. This Lodge is one hundred and six (106) years old.

It is with great sadness that I stand in front of you to recount the life of my good friend W Bro Tong Yew Sum or Y.S. as he is fondly called. He was taken away from us too soon. It is hard to understand why tragic things like this happens to such good people. However this is a question without an answer! We should not dwell on the loss of our dear friend, husband, father, son and grandfather and a Masonic Brother. Today let’s recount his life and remember all the remarkable things Tong accomplished and how wonderful his life was. Y.S. and I go back when he was a pharmacist of APEX and later director of XEPA Pharmaceuticals and director of the public listed company XEPA (reverse of APEX).

His Masonic career was on the rise after being the Worshipful Master of LODGE ELLIOT. He was recognized in Freemasonry and made a Grand Officer by the Grand Master, and I was there to witness his investiture.

He was given the daunting task of being the District Grand Librarian by our District Grand Master and he did it creditably. He was a perfectionist and a ritualist in the lodge offering advice and guiding us in our workings and ceremonies. He was well versed in our rituals and gave stimulating lectures. In all honesty when Y.S. speaks, we listen to this man with Masonic maturity. He is never wrong and when he corrects us, we accept it with all humility. Julie and the children, no words can compensate your and our loss! He used to speak of his children and grandchildren in Hong Kong and the USA.

We will definitely miss him and LODGE ELLIOT will not be able to replace him. I repeat LODGE ELLIOT will not be able to replace him. His love for golf is worth a mention. He never misses Lodge golf competitions and nagged me to get a foursome from LODGE ELLIOT, especially the triangular meet with Read Lodge, Johore Utara and LODGE ELLIOT

I still remember vividly that when Malacca hosted the National AGM of Malaysian Medical Association and when expenses were high, I approached him for a sizable donation; he not only obliged me but also arranged a conducted tour of his state of the art factory for the Doctors in Malacca. That in short shows his magnanimity and willingness to help. His hand was seen in all Masonic charities and stayed on to see that each drive achieved the target set.

Lodge regularly. He travelled for all our meetings from KL. If he had no ride I will fetch him from the railway station to home for fresh up and tea. And after attending the Lodge meeting I would send him back to catch the train. It showed his commitment and love for Freemasonry which never ever waived.

It is incredibly sad that Y.S. life ended so soon. Julie, I cannot put into words how much we will miss him. Though gone his memory will be with us forever. I pray to the Grand Geometrician of the Universe to bless his soul and give strength to his family to bear this huge and irreplaceable loss

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