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"Persist and Embracing Every Moment The Wisdom of Persistence !"


The post 'I am old, but I don't feel it!' is well written and worth reading.




“I am old, and I feel fortunate. Some people die young, some die in their prime, some pass away at the threshold of old age, unable to live to retirement, some regret after serving as officials for a few years and spending half their lives in prison. I have walked through the complete journey of life and enjoyed the longevity bestowed by heaven. Through all seasons and ages, luck has favored me. I am grateful, I am content.




I am old, and I feel free. No longer seeking promotion, no need for titles, abandoning extravagant hopes, reducing desires. Farewell to the workplace, setting aside work, everything under my own control, having the freedom to manage time, coming and going without constraint, living freely and casually.


I am old, and I feel happy. No more worries of youth, no more hardships of youth education, no more pressures of adult work, no more entanglements of human relationships. I can go to the mountains to watch the sunrise, go to the coast to watch the waves, visit famous mountains and great rivers, go dancing and singing, gather with friends for meals and renew old friendships, leisurely and happily enjoying life.


I am old, and I feel enlightened. No longer the ignorance of youth, no longer the arrogance of youth, having experienced many things in the world, understanding many human emotions, discerning right from wrong with an enlightened heart, no longer blindly following or superstitious, past events drifting away like smoke in the wind, changes and vicissitudes unnoticed, calmly observing the world with a tranquil mind, as calm as water without disturbance.



I am old, and I feel serene. Life is a natural process, born naturally, growing old naturally, and dying naturally. Going with the flow of nature, my heart is calmly serene without sorrow or melancholy.


I am old, but today is still the youngest day of my life. Seize today, live well in the present, live healthily, live happily, live with quality, live splendidly, gracefully aging slowly until one day, unexpectedly, merging with nature.



Earthquakes, typhoons, freezes, floods... just a tremor of the earth reminds you that life should be simple, meet with whoever you want, buy what you like, sleep when you're tired, travel when you want. No need to live in the eyes and mouths of others, that's exhausting!


There really isn't a long future. Just keep memories and longing in your heart.


Remember these 30 points, persist for another 50 years, and we can all live like immortals. If you don't want to be constantly ill in your old age, understanding these 30 points is enough. It's very classic, please pass it on to each other:


1. Sleep a little earlier;

2. Move a little slower;

3. Eat a little less;

4. Eat a little more variety;

5. Consume more high-quality protein;

6. Supplement with vitamins and trace elements a little more;

7. Have dinner a little earlier;

8. Food should be a little warmer;

9. Drink a little more water;

10. Consume a little less salt;

11. Be a little busier appropriately;

12. Exercise a little more;

13. Be a little more careful underfoot;

14. Keep a little bit of childishness;

15. Keep your heart a little broader;

16. Add a little romance;

17. Care less about fame and fortune;

18. Be content with a little more;

19. Forget about age a little;

20. Mind your own business a little less;

21. Have a little more fun when you're free;

22. Be a little more open-minded about everything;

23. Make a few more friends;

24. Smile a little more;

25. Broaden your hobbies a little;

26. Dress a little nicer;

27. Travel a little more;

28. Be a little more carefree in old age;

29. Play a little more card games;

30. Sip a little more aged wine.


The health and happiness of the elderly is just "a little" plus "a little," persist in these 30 points, and live another 50 years.”


To my friends, relatives, and old classmates. We’re all heading there some day so take heed of yourselves to live life to the fullest. Cheers to prosperity in faith and health, longevity, happiness and peace of mind. - W Bro Nash Hon


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