The Finest Hour

United Grand Lodge of England is very proud to announce that this bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill by Jacob Epstein has been kindly loaned to it for an initial period of five years.

Between 10 and 16 casts of this sculpture of the wartime leader are believed to exist, one of which was famously donated to the White House in 1965 during the presidency of Lyndon B Johnson.

In the words of the Imperial War Museum, London: ‘This is a powerful work. Churchill’s ringed eyed display not only focus but also clarity of vision: the rough surface, his formidable grit and determination.’

For security purposes, this rare and valuable piece is on display in the Tower Entrance, which is not usually accessible to the public. However, members attending Grand Lodge or Grand Chapter are encouraged to take a look as they make their way through to the ground floor cloakrooms.

Identical casts are held by Churchill College, Cambridge, the Imperial War Museum and the Hallmark Cards art collection amongst others. This particular piece was owned by Marjorie Goodwin (Cussons) in the 1950s and was obtained in 2018 by the family of a DGLEA member and loaned to UGLE.